Online Jobs You Could Do in your Spare Time!

There are various ways to make money online these days. Some of them can end up making you a lot of money, others can just be something to pass the time by. However, we’ve taken a look at the easiest online jobs you can earn money with.

Get Paid for Web Searching

It’s one of the easiest things you could do and earn money at the same time. One of the reputable sites to do this for is Qmee. You are rewarded for web searches on Google, Bing, Amazon, and eBay. You don’t need to have a minimum amount in your account to get paid out either.

Get Paid for your Opinion

Research companies are always scouting for people who have time to fill out online surveys for market research purposes. Most companies either pay in cash or reward you with vouchers. Good companies to look into are the Global Test Market, Branded Surveys, and PopulusLive.

Become a Web and App Reviewer

This is a pretty fun thing to do, especially if you spend a lot of time on the internet. is quite good to start with. You sign up, complete a test review of a site, and move on from there. This company pays you out through Paypal.

Build your Own Website

A fantastic way to build a passive income. The trick here is to build your blog or website to the point where it has a lot of accurate content in a niche that interests everyone. This drives traffic to your site. By this point, you can monetize it by using global affiliate marketing companies such as the Awin network.

Not everyone can leave their full-time office jobs to work at home online. It takes time to get to that point. For some time, it may just provide a secondary income which will help you get by. It’s going to take some blood, sweat, and tears to get you earning more than what your 9-5 office job brings you. But the options are out there and waiting for you!


Earn Money Online with Google Adsense

We have all heard how wonderful it is to be a part of the Google team. Sadly, not everyone can have that dream job. However, you can still earn money online with the help of Google Adsense. This is an adsense program that generates a bulk portion of Google’s income.

Anyone with a website or blog can join this program for free. Adsense works on an application process based according to strict guidelines. Naturally, ads will only begin to appear on your site when your application has been accepted. The ad payments work according to earnings per click or cost per click. Google pays out every month.

You’re probably wondering how you can possibly make any money this way? Let’s simplify it a little:

  • Money made by you is dependant on the traffic to your website
  • The number of advertisers shown on your site is based on the web content niche of the website
  • The positioning of your adverts is vital

Up the Chances of Application Acceptance

Follow the adsense guidelines strictly with your website. Any violation of these guidelines results in rejection. Only apply with the program if your site is older than three months old. This is because your site should have a considerable amount of content and traffic at this time.

Remember, ads are provided to your site based on the niche content of the website. Google can’t help you earn money if you have little to no content on your website. Thus, your work has to be plagiarism free and 100% unique!

The content you show on your site should be varied. Don’t just have long blog posts with no images or videos.

No Extra Work Required

When Google provides you with a unique code to use on your website pages, it collects information to see the traffic stats, content used, and so on. Once this is all set up, Google does the rest of the work for you. All you need to do is keep updating your site with new content to draw in more traffic!

The Home-Based Business Perks

Many people today are tired of the rat race centered around going to the 9-5 office job. This is why the idea of building a home-based business or working remotely is catching on like fire. Especially when couples are trying to balance the wheel of family life and a career.

Working from home allows you the freedom to work your own hours which means your schedule can be flexible. The advantages of this idea are plentiful. We’ve listed the top perks to get you interested!

Home-Based Working Saves Money

No More Office Renting

For those who run a business from a rented office space can look forward to a decrease in overheads once the business is run from home. Now that you have spare cash, you can do up your home office and put the rest in the piggy bank.


The daily commute to work not only puts a dent in your bank account with fuel expenses but increases the wear and tear on your vehicle. Imagine saving the money you used on fuel, towards something else more important?

Less Fancy, More Casual

If you had a job that didn’t require you to wear a uniform, you would have to have a different outfit for every working day. This can be quite a pricey thing especially if you’re in the corporate world. Alas, working at home allows you to wear anything you want to. Transfer those fancy dollars to the casual savings account!

Family First

Running your business from home is beneficial when you get to spend extra time with your family. Choose to do your workload when the kids are at school so you can focus on the important work stuff in peace and quiet. When the kids come home, go to the park and picnic with them. Quality family time is what matters, right?

People are quick to jump with glee at the chance to work from home. Let’s not forget that your earning potential becomes dependant on how much time, effort, perseverance, and discipline you put into it.